Scriptcs : The Tooling

06 May 2015

Tools really make the ecosystem more productive. I list down some of the tools that I have found to be useful.

  • Version Management

    We can have multiple version of ScriptCS installed on the system. Then to pick which one to use we can use the ScriptCS version Manager SVM This is essentially similar to npm and helps keep track of different scriptcs versions.

  • Running the code

    • Sublime Plugin : Sublime Plugin

      It is a little dodgy on mac, windows will work just fine.

    • Atom Runner : The wiki has a good guide on how to start with Atom and Scriptcs Atom I did struggle quite a bit with getting this to work neatly on mac initially things seem to be better now.

    • Omnisharp : One of the most active and loved .net projects. Omnisharp also has support for ScriptCS. Omnisharp

This was a short tour of the tools and hopefully this gets you on your way.

With this we round up our tour of ScriptCS, it is a great project that continues to make little improvements to my every day workflow.

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