Scriptcs : Getting Started

01 May 2015

C# even though a really nice language has always been tied to Visual Studio. With mono we had the ability to write it on non-windows platforms as well. One other thing that mono had was the repl and the ability to script.

What is Scriptcs ?

  • Use C# as a scripting language powered by Roslyn
  • Uses the Rosyln nuget package
  • No IDE, No dlls
  • Xplat, CLI
  • Lighter experience with faster feedback

How many times have we done this ?


  • Everything is still typed and you get to try things out iteratively without using VS.
  • Roslyn is available as nuget package which means that we can get in there and do useful things with it.

  • Open Source, XPlat ...things that make us believe that it is going to solve a lot of problems.

  • Really nice CLI experience and what more there is a REPL there as well.
  • Significantly lighter experience which is a welcome change.

Getting Started

ScriptCS on Windows is easy to get started using Chocolatey.

cinst scriptcs

For Mac, Homebrew is the simplest way to go.

brew install scriptcs

I will interchangeably use mac and windows, but the things should be the same (leaving out the differences in runtime between mono and .net).

$ scriptcs
scriptcs (ctrl-c to exit or :help for help)

> Console.WriteLine("Hello World");
Hello World

That's a good start, we are able to write Hello World without doing the File -> New Project dance.

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